The Billboard House


This Billboard House features a lightweight prefabricated structure at the back of the billboard, which serves as a 1-bedroom house.

Mounted on a rooftop in Mexico City, the house was designed by architect Julio Gómez Trevilla and acts as a temporary home for the artist hired to paint the billboard.

Designed as a multi-functional studio space, the house can ‘transform’ to suit the needs of the inhabitant. The interior of the studio is clad with lightweight chipboard panels, and contains a bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, kitchen and study desk. The roof of the house features a terrace which accessed through a door located within the billboard itself.

To prevent excessive heat gain, the designer created a wood roof separate from the house module, allowing it to act as a shade for the living space below and doubling as the terrace deck. The plumbing for the home is contained in a small tower above the main structure. The Billboard House was developed by Scribe marketing agency as part of an advertising campaign.

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