Space Saving Furniture For Tiny Houses by Atelier OPA


These Kenchikukagu, designed by Atelier OPA, are a part of a series of mobile, folding furniture designed to cater for your needs while working, eating and sleeping.

Each piece is designed to be highly efficient and occupy a minimum amount of space when folded away, while also being aesthetically pleasing. The entire set comprises of a mobile work station, bed and kitchen, allowing apartment dwellers to cramp in all the essentials for a fully functional urban lifestyle.

Space Saving Furniture by Atelier Opa

Space Saving Furniture by Atelier Opa

Unlike most of the usual/tiny space furniture pieces featured on Humble Homes, this set isn’t a concept design! It’s available from Amazon Japan for 800,000 yen, or $8600 depending on the exchange rate.

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