NYC apartments are renowned for being small, and this one is no exception, however, it does boast exceptional interior design and functionality. The 240-square-foot apartment, refurbished by Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman, is clad in a variety of light woods and features some quirky and unexpected spaces.

The home contains an open plan layout with the kitchen/dining area and living room running into one another. It also has a bathroom and a sleeping loft above the kitchen.

By renovating the apartment the architect was able to finish the home with a pallet of blonde woods, while also increase the efficiency of the space in term of function. 

My favorite part of this remodelled apartment is the ‘library nook’ adjacent the bed; a tiny alcove in the wall that’s big enough for one person to sit and read amongst the built-in bookshelves.

The tiny home even has its own washing machine! It sits in another alcove adjacent to the bed, giving the resident a luxury that many New Yorkers do not – home laundry.

Via Tim Segerman