Dubbed SHED, this tiny house has been built by a couple from Yakima, Washington. SHED has been designed and built by Samantha and Robert, a paediatric nurse and an architectural designer respectively.

They both have full-time jobs, which means they were able to work on the house mainly on weekends. In total it took about 14 months to complete and the result is a clean contemporary home for two.

SHED - Shedsistence - Washington - Exterior - Humble Homes

The 204 square foot (19 square meters) home was not the couples first foray into the unknown – prior to this they backpacked across Europe, South America and the United States. Armed with a host of experiences – and with plenty of them revolving around small living spaces – they set off to create their own, simple home.

SHED - Shedsistence - Washington - Living Area - Humble Homes

From the outside SHED looks just like a shed (no duh). There’s nothing in particular that stands out, apart from maybe that it’s been adorned with a few small plants and the wood cladding that frames the entry door. Other than that the exterior is pretty hum drum, but it’s the interior where this home shines.

SHED - Shedsistence - Washington - Kitchen - Humble Homes

It’s finished on the inside with a number of modern touches and features elements of cool blue throughout, like the walls and the furniture fabric. It looks surprisingly spacious thanks to a simple layout, smart storage and some big windows that draw in plenty of light.

SHED - Shedsistence - Washington - Kitchen and Living Room Beyond - Humble Homes

SHED has a side entrance which is flanked by the bathroom to the right, and the living room to the right. It’s unusual – the kitchen and bathroom are often set next to one another to avoid long plumbing runs, but sometimes this option can provide a more functional layout.

SHED - Shedsistence - Washington - Loft - Humble Homes

The kitchen is set to the very back left-hand-side. It’s set up like a double galley with a small island providing storage and a spot for dining. A storage/staircase leads up to a cozy loft bedroom. From the owners: “We wanted the aesthetic of our home to represent the lifestyle it afforded: simplicity.”

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