The L41 is a prefab tiny house that’s only 220 square feet in size. Designed by architect Michael Katz and artist Janet Corne, the compact home is built around the principles of sustainability with its green building materials, energy efficient appliances and lighting and its use of renewable energy sources.

The L41 is designed to be constructed on either a pier or four-point foundation, allowing for a minimal impact on the site. And if its eco-credentials haven’t impressed you already, the designers are aiming to produce the home for just $50,000!

Designed to be constructed on piers or a four-point foundation, the home could easily be located on any site with minimal impact. Eventually the designers hope that they can produce it for just $50,000 each. They’re hoping the the home will eventually be able to be mass-produced, allowing them to make it very affordable.

The 220-square foot studio features built-in storage, living/bedroom space, kitchen and a bathroom. There are other models available including a 290 sq. ft. 1-bedroom unit and a 360 sq. ft. 2-bedroom unit.

The home is constructed with cross-laminated timber; an engineered product made from beetle-killed pine tree in the north-west of the US. Beetle-killed lumber is structurally sound, although if left in its natural environment it would rot in the woods. Making use of the wood for construction is a great alternative to using timber from healthy trees.

Each tiny prefab home includes triple-glazed windows, LED lighting, solar heating, heat recovery and a green roof.

Via Inhabitat