Shawn’s Customized McG Loft

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been developing a customized set of plans for a customer, Shawn. Shawn liked the original McG Loft plans, but as…

Transforming Apartment From Barcelona

Christian Schallert’s 258 square foot apartment in Barcelona can be ‘transformed’ into different spaces by pulling or pushing on the various storage cupboards which conceal different areas of…

A Tiny House Hotel

Today we’re off to France to check out Carré d’étoiles – a hotel company of sorts that has mini prefab homes to help you get away from it…

Tiny Apartment, Lots Of Space

The second video of the week features Gary Chang. Gary is an architect from Hong Kong who decided to design a 344 square foot apartment which has the…

Tiny Tokyo House

Over the next week we’ll be posting several tiny house videos – so stay tuned! Let’s kick it off with a house from Japan, enjoy! “Ultra-small is…

Hari and Karl Berzins Tiny House
Tiny Houses in the Headlines

Tiny houses recently made the news again. An article was posted on CNN’s website – it highlights the obvious economic benefits of living in a tiny house,…

The Nook Tiny House Plans
Our Tiniest House Yet – The Nook

Welcome to the unveiling of our newest tiny house design – The Nook! The Nook is our tiniest house to date. The first floor has a framing footprint…

Small House By TOFU Architects

The Y-House is a small house designed by Japanese architects TOFU and is located in Obama, Fukui, Japan. The house is constructed on a 41 meters squared site…

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