The McG Loft (formerly known as ‘The Staircase House’) is one of a very small number of tiny homes to contain a staircase.

Our main aim with this home was to create a micro home with increased accessibility and to eliminate the need for ladders to reach the sleeping loft.  We think we’ve been quite sucessful in creating a design that both satisfies our inital objectives and at the same time is as functional as our existing homes. On top of that, its our most modern interior design.

So what exactly did we manage to fit into a space that’s just 8′-4″ wide by 20′ in length? A living/dining area, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping loft, a staircase with storage both in the steps (for your latest books – 50 Shades of Grey anyone? No? Us neither.) and underneath (for larger items), another storage area measuring 3′ x 7′. Oh, and of course a cute little porch.  The stairs are perfect for when you’ve had just one too many (or several too many), and climbing a ladder suddenly becomes a task akin to free solo rock climbing.

The McG is also small enough so that when assembled onto a 2′ high american utility trailer it will have an overall height less than the 13′-6″ maximum height regulations found in most American States.

The plans contain 34 pages and are packed with the pertinent information required to build your very own home.  If you have any questions regarding this home don’t hesitate to get into contact by either emailing us at [email protected], or filling out our contact form