Nine Hours Hotel – A Modern Capsule Hotel in Kyoto


This futuristic capsule hotel can be found in Kyoto, Japan. Called the Nine Hours hotel, it features state-of-the-art sleeping pods that are available for nine hours. The design of the minimalist hotel was led by Masaaki Hiromura and Takaaki Nakamura of Design Studio S.

Kyoto 9 Hours Hotel - Humble Homes

Capsule hotels are neither new nor a novelty in Japan, they’ve been around since the 70’s, providing late-night workers or people that have missed the last train a source of accommodation for the night. In the past capsule hotels received a name for acting as a refuge for drunks. Nine Hours hotel seeks to change that perception with its sleek, modern interior. It’s also located in the city’s geisha Gion district, making it a popular choice among tourists seeking the sleeping-pod experience.

Kyoto 9 Hours Hotel - Humble Homes

The hotel provides its guests with a 9 hour stay – one hour to get ready for bed, seven hours of sleep and another hour in the morning to get up before checking out. The hotel has a total of seven floors with separate floors and elevators for men and women.

Kyoto 9 Hours Hotel - Humble Homes

The pods include a special Panasonic system that’s designed to help guests fall into a relaxing sleep, only to wake at a set time by mood lighting. There are also lockers for items of clothing and accessories, and a communal shower area. Guests are also able to book extended stays; a 24-hour visit costs $49.

Kyoto 9 Hours Hotel - Humble Homes

Would you be able to spend a night in these coffin-sized pods, or is it a downsize too far?

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Photos: Akihiro Yoshida


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