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The MPOD is a unique living space. Designed as a modular structure, it can be repeated over and over to create your perfect home. With super efficient framing techniques, the MPOD is highly-insulated, reducing the heating and overall build costs.

  • Modular structure allows you to modify and create the home you want
  • Unique framing techniques reduce cold bridging and enhance insulation
  • Modest living space that can be adopted for a variety of uses

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why we created the MPOD

We recognised the need to create a home that was both affordable, super-efficient, and flexible. The MPOD allows you to create the home you want, while also reducing your environmental impact (and your bills – yippee!).

key features

  • Designed to take advantage of solar gain
  • Air-tight building envelope similar to a passive house
  • Modest floor plan that can accommodate a variety of uses
  • Advanced insulation methods mitigating areas of cold-bridging
  • Flexible modular structure allows you to build it as you like
  • Super efficient framing techniques that reduce the overall build costs
Area Dimensions Area Dimensions
Footprint 10′ x 10′ Living Area 103 SF
Roof High Point 13′-5″ Width @ Eaves 13′-2″
Ceiling High Point 11′-2″ Ceiling Low Point 8′-4″
  • Residential license
  • Details for insulated block foundation
  • Annotated exterior elevations
  • Construction framing Plans
  • Cross-sections
  • Details for timber Cuts
  • Framing construction overview
  • Details for doubling MPOD – On Side
  • Details for doubling MPOD – On End
  • Details for tripling MPOD
  • Example floor plans
  • Nailing schedule
  • Timber cut list & sheathing list
  • Minimum timber grades
  • Construction notes, hints and tips
  • Free support

Add-ons From $13

Add an extension, a second story, change the roof pitch, add a decking area, and more. All variations and add-on’s are based around the original MPOD Core, allowing us to create more options for your home, while also saving you money.


Details of different deck layouts for the MPOD and its various arrangements.
  • Details for porch foundation
  • Construction plans for 5 porch layouts
  • Cross section details
  • Examples of porch arrangements
  • Details for fastening porch to MPOD

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These plans contain the details for a 6 foot extension to the MPOD Core.
  • Details for insulated block foundation
  • Annotated exterior elevations
  • Construction framing plans
  • Framing construction overview
  • Example floor plans
  • Timber cut list & sheathing list

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Build upwards and create a 2-storey dwelling with the SPOD plans.
  • 25 pages of detailed plans
  • Extend outwards & upwards
  • Staircase construction details
  • Second storey construction details
  • Floor joist specs & attachment
  • Timber cut list & sheathing list

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Each of the add-on plans are built around the MPOD Core plans and the full construction of any home will require them. The MPOD Core plans can be purchased below.



“A tiny house design that’s perfect for people who want an alternative to sleeping in a loft. Love your creativity and how great you are to work with!”
Karen Batchelor,
“Thank you so much! You guys are the best! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.”
William P, CA
“There is no comparison between you guys and the rest of the tiny house plans out there.”
Phil H, USA
“The plans are fantastic! Your pricing is one heck of a deal… I really think they are outstanding value for the money!”
Stephen Wirzylo,
“The plans are AWESOME! Thank you so much!”
Jay T, Los Angeles, CA
“Thank you for your time, your patience, and going that extra mile for me. You are awesome! Thank you so much!”
Amber D, Portland, OR


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