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Modern-Shed began back in 1998 when Ryan Smith and Ahna Holder decided that their newly purchased Seattle home just didn’t accommodate all their needs. They’d intended to renovate their 1940’s-era home, which lacked a garage, basement, and an attic.

Modern Shed - Ryan Grey Smith - Ahna Holder - Seattle - Exterior - Humble Homes

With the available storage space already being used up within the house, the husband and wife architect duo decided to look outwards for a solution. That solution came in the form of the humble backyard shed, albeit with some modifications. Fast forward 16 years and that simple idea has become the foundation for a diverse portfolio of modern “sheds”.

Modern Shed - Ryan Grey Smith - Ahna Holder - Seattle - Kitchen and Dining Room - Humble Homes

The company Modern-Shed was launched in 2005, and since its creation it has developed a variety of contemporary living spaces that can serve a variety of functions, including a home office, studio space, retreat, guest house, or even a fully-fledged home.

According to their website, the living pods have been designed with the environment in mind and as well as your wallet – the sheds are designed to be in-expensive and cost effective. Sourcing of appropriate materials plays a big part in their construction, “from the framing to the interior finishes”, and the sheds themselves are constructed in factory-like conditions under one roof.

Modern Shed - Ryan Grey Smith - Ahna Holder - Seattle - Sitting Area - Humble Homes

All building materials are purchased from local suppliers, providing a little boost to the local economy. And their eco-credentials extend beyond the construction of the sheds themselves; Modern-Shed has a “virtual office”, enabling employees to work from home via computer when possible, vastly reducing their paper consumption (apparently they’re “99% paperless”).

Modern Shed - Ryan Grey Smith - Ahna Holder - Seattle - Books Shelf - Humble Homes

Each shed is pre-assembled on site by their own experienced in-house team, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Modern-Shed provides a feasible solution to those that have outgrown their existing living spaces, providing a means for people to remain in their current home instead of up-scaling to a bigger one.

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