Architecture firm, dmvA, were hired to design an extension to this 580 square foot A-frame house located in Brecht, Germany. Originally built and used as a holiday home, it was deemed unfit for permanent use.

dmvA Extensions to an A-Frame Home

To turn the part-time getaway into a full-time residence, dmvA created a modern addition that would allow the occupants to make full use of the available space.

dmvA Extensions to an A-Frame Home

dmvA had to address three main issues, the first being that the hut was originally a recreational home. Secondly, the owner wanted to be able to work from home. And last but not least, local regulations limited the size of the extension to 290 square feet.

The solution came in the form of a 279 square foot geometric box that was integrated into the existing triangular structure.

dmvA Extensions to an A-Frame Home

The extension acts as an office space, and is open to the main living area, separated only by the angled timber columns. In fact, the only area of the home that’s closed off from other spaces is the bathroom. The majority of the ground floor has been dedicated to the office and living space, with the remainder being divided up between the kitchen, bathroom, and circulation space. The upper floor houses a single bedroom.

dmvA Extensions to an A-Frame Home

The new addition features an uninterrupted glass façade that provides spectacular views of the surrounding forest, and creates a light, spacious interior. The home also contains a outdoor deck, creating an extra “room” where the owner can relax, entertain and cook using a COR-TEN steel pizza oven.

dmvA A Frame House

A-frame buildings are renowned for being efficient in terms of material use. This home manages to combine both structural efficiency with aesthetic. Sometimes A-frame buildings don’t look all that appealing, but in this case I think the home sits rather quietly amongst the trees.

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