I’d like to introduce you all to a new website I’ve created called DesignFutz. I’ve created this site in response to a few criticisms and issues that have cropped up over the course of Humble Homes’ growth.

Humble Homes was originally intended to act as a platform from which visitors could purchase my tiny house designs. Over time, the blog became more popular than the house plans, and the range of topics extended to include all manner of projects; some of which area neither a home nor humble.

Back in September, you may have noticed the website was either inaccessible or displaying incorrectly. Humble Homes had been creaking under the strain of visitor numbers for some time. Our server finally packed in around the 22nd of September, as you can see from the visitor numbers graph below. Whoops.


In response to the numerous “this house isn’t humble” comments, and the downtime experienced during September, I decided to take action. For the past few months I’ve been putting together the various parts of DesignFutz. It will now be home too all the projects that don’t fall under the umbrella of tiny houses. Soon, you’ll find existing non-tiny house posts will redirect you to – just a heads up.

I also took the opportunity to invest in a better host. DesignFutz is tailored to bring you a much better browsing experience. On the techie side of things, it runs on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as opposed the shared hosting that Humble Homes uses. This, coupled with server side caching and a CDN, should result in much faster page loading (preliminary tests indicate the page load is a fraction of Humble Homes’).

Other less techie features include image galleries – yes, more than 5 images per post! And, because I’ve gone for a less idiosyncratic site name, DesignFutz will be home to a much broader range of architecture and design.

I haven’t taken the liberty of automatically signing people up to its newsletter. But, if you’d like to receive weekly updates from DesignFutz, you can sign up for it here. As always, your email won’t be shared with anyone. Ever.

On a final note, the website is still under development. There are a few bugs and display issues that I am aware of and working towards fixing. If you should happen to discover any, do drop me an email through the contact form.

All that’s left to say is, I wish you all a very happy 2017!