This apartment interior has been given a revamp by Russian designer, Ignor Glushan. Thanks to Igor, the small property now makes better use of the available space and features some smart, stylish ideas.

The apartment has a studio layout, where several living areas, including the bedroom, are found in a single room. How to create a comfortable interior with well defined “zones” can often be a challenge in such properties.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Living Area - Humble Homes

Igor’s approach to the problem was to introduce a raised portion of the floor that was used to house the bedroom. This degree of separation is reinforced by the addition of a frosted glass wall.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Sofa and Desk - Humble Homes

The glass wall clearly defines the different rooms, but still maintains a connection through lighting. Given that the room’s only window is found in the bedroom, the glass wall was probably also implemented out of necessity; the alternatives would have lead to a much darker, more dingy living room.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

The angular shape of the wall allowed Igor to incorporate a small study desk/workstation. A dedicated space for work seems to be an increasingly important aspect in modern home builds and renovations, even if it is just a small nook.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The remainder of the studio is taken up by the living room, which is occupied by plush furniture and a TV. A neutral color scheme has been employed throughout, with artificial lighting used to boost light levels in certain areas.

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Photos: Igor Glushan