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    The Sleeping Pod – Prefab Student Accommodation by Yazdani Studio

The Sleeping Pod – Prefab Student Accommodation by Yazdani Studio

This prefab housing unit has been thought-up by CannonDesign’s Yazdani Studio. The unit, called The Sleeping Pod, is intended to serve as a solution to student accommodation, but it can also be used as […]

Modern Modular Prefab Houses by EcoShelta in Australia

Produced by EcoShelta, this small shed-like unit makes uses of modular design and prefabrication. The Australian company makes use of a design that’s been refined over the last three decades to create environmentally responsible […]

The Element 1 – A Small Prefab House by Method Homes

Called Element 1, and designed by Chris Pardo, this small prefab house is the latest edition to Method Home’s already extensive portfolio prefabricated houses. The one-bedroom retreat is set on Marrowstone Island in Washington. […]

ArchiBlox’s Carbon Positive Prefab House

The Australian company Archiblox recently revealed what they claim to be the world’s first carbon positive prefab house. The prefab units are designed to be more environmentally-friendly by reducing embodied energy, and making use […]

The Prefab Bioclimatic House 3.0 by NOEM

Designed by Spanish architecture studio NOEM, the Bioclimatic House 3.0 is a smart house that’s made use of technology from its inception, through to the final product. Being a smart home, it’s possible to […]