This tiny home has been developed as a luxurious off-grid retreat. The unit has been titled “Ark Shelter” and was designed by a group of architecture students with a flair for entrepreneurship.

Ark Shelter’s size allows it to be transported with ease by a truck to almost any location. Prefabrication keeps the build process to a tight schedule, with construction occurring under factory conditions.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Exterior - Humble Homes

The aim of the team behind the project was to reintroduce people to a “back to basics” setup, immersing them in nature. Its size – like most tiny houses – lends itself to an outward-looking home, focusing on its surroundings to improve the sense of space.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Living Area - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad in a mix of dark and light timber. It’s simple cuboid shape allows for ease of construction, transportation and maximizing functional space on the inside. From the designers: “[The Ark House is] a cocoon without TV, a silent place to appreciate nature we lost touch with and a cozy house to find yourself”

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The interior is finished in pine, from the floors, walls and ceiling to the actual furniture pieces. The large gable-end window and side bay patio doors help to take advantage of natural light, while also maintaining a connection with the outside environment.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Kitchen and Dining Room - Humble Homes

One end of the Ark Shelter is dedicated to the “bedroom”. The opposite end is taken up by the bathroom and kitchen. Separating the two sections is a small dining area that’s placed in front of a wood-burning stove.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Kitchen - Humble Homes

According to the designers the structure is modular, allowing it to be expanded and customized as needed. Each Ark Shelter comes equipped with wind turbines and a rain water collection system. Unfortunately there’s no mention of cost on the website – you have to contact the team directly. I’m assuming the price will be based on the amount of interest they garner.

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