The architecture firm Studio Alexander Fehre was responsible for updating this small one-bedroom apartment in central London. The apartment, titled Apartment Filippo, now features a bright contemporary interior design, aimed at maximising the available space.

Apartment Filippo - Studio Alexander Fehre - London - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The unit contains a total of 484 square feet (45 square meters) of living space. Within that they’ve managed to accommodate a double galley kitchen with a dining area, a living room with a study nook, a bedroom with built-in storage, a bathroom and an entrance hallway.

Apartment Filippo - Studio Alexander Fehre - London - Living Room - Humble Homes

Redistributing the unit’s layout lead to the dining area being placed in a nook at the end of the kitchen. It stands out from the rest of the room thanks to the furnitures bright red finish and semi-circle monochrome wallpaper. An open-shelf storage unit flanks one side of the kitchen with contemporary units lining the opposite wall.

Apartment Filippo - Studio Alexander Fehre - London - Bedroom - Humble Homes

A sliding door has been used between the kitchen and living room to create minimal disruption. The TV backdrop (and the kitchen shelving) has been made with veneer plywood. A black herringbone floor has been installed throughout, which would sap all the light from the rooms if not for the white walls and ceiling.

Apartment Filippo - Studio Alexander Fehre - London - Shower - Humble Homes

Different levels in ceilings and floors have been used to subtly define living spaces, or areas within a particular room. The bedroom mattress is set on top of a stepped platform, separating it from the closets and storage space.

Apartment Filippo - Studio Alexander Fehre - London - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The bathroom is finished in a white floor, black tiles and a palm frond wallpaper lining one wall. From the architecture: “It all goes to show that 45 square metres in London can definitely be enough of a good thing.”

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