An Old Italian Farmhouse Gets Converted into a Cozy Cottage


This tiny farmhouse was once used to shelter animals and shepherds, but more recently it’s been converted into an off-grid retreat. The building is located in the region of Tufi d’Agna, Italy, and is set on a mountainside in the town of Corniglio.

The restoration and conversion was undertaken by a local architecture firm called Studio Contini. The firm has previous experience in restoring buildings of cultural importance.

Cottage Restoration - Studio Contini - Italy - Exterior - Humble Homes

The farmhouse is now used as a holiday home during the summer months. The project has simply been dubbed “Cottage Restoration” by the architects, and contains two floors with a wooden portico to the side. It contains a total area of 732 square feet (68 square meters).

Cottage Restoration - Studio Contini - Italy - Dining and Living Room - Humble Homes

The cottage had been abandoned for many years and was in a severe state of disrepair. The stonework and rustic timber beams form the original character of the home. Unfortunately, like the rest of the building, they needed a lot of work to bring them back up to standard. They’ve been carefully repaired or replaced and repointed in places.

Cottage Restoration - Studio Contini - Italy - Loft Bedroom - Humble Homes

In other areas they’ve introduced new openings to accommodate large windows, which draw in enough natural light to maintain a bright interior, despite the dark finishes found elsewhere. During the renovation process they decided to create a totally off-grid home (possibly in part due to its rural location).

Cottage Restoration - Studio Contini - Italy - Bedrom Window - Humble Homes

A solar panel array was incorporated into the roof of the portico. It consists of 12 PV panels connected to 8 storage batteries. The system is able to power the lighting, induction cooker, water heater and even some electric heaters if needed. The heating is supplemented by a 6.5 kW wood stove.

Cottage Restoration - Studio Contini - Italy - Cross-Section - Humble Homes

The first floor of the house contains a kitchen and a living/dining room. To the back there’s a small bathroom. A flight of stairs takes you to the loft which is used as a bedroom. There are two double beds in total, both looking out at the surrounding landscape through a series of picture windows.

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Photos: Studio Contini


  1. Amazing restoration. Does anybody know if I could build something similar to this with lime rocks, because I live right next to a rock quarry in Florida.

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