A Tiny Retreat by Jerome Levin


This tiny 125-square-foot abode has been designed by the artist Jerome Levin. Called the Metapod, it was created as a retreat for both children and adults alike. While small in size, the space packs a lot in terms of technology and usability; it features a study area, entertainment space, and a collapsible oak loft bed.

On the technological side, this tiny space is kitted out with surround sound, in-wall speakers, iPod connectivity, an intercom and surveillance devices. The Metapod has been designed to be used as “a sustainable, affordable and off-grid housing alternative“. Although there is currently no mention of any renewable energy systems being employed to power the home.

Over the last few years there has been a trend of extending the functionality our main homes by introducing a separate living space, typically in the backyard. This is mainly due to an unstable property market and the recession. It’s safer to extend rather than move, particularly if your extension is a temporary, removable structure.

For more small spaces like this one check out the backyard studio, Archipod, or Peter Frazier’s idyllic forest home office.

Via Inhabitat

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