This small modern apartment can be found in Vilnius, Lithuania. The clients approached local architecture firm Mormundas Vilkas to redesign the apartment’s interior so it would be fit to serve as a family home.

Apartment in Vilnius - Normundas Vilkas - Lithuania - Entry - Humble Homes

The apartment is part of a newly built housing complex. According to Vilkas, a low budget combined with the relatively small space made it a challenging project. The apartment contains a total of 678 square feet (63 square meters) and is divided up into four main living areas.

Apartment in Vilnius - Normundas Vilkas - Lithuania - Living Area - Humble Homes

The apartment contains an open plan living and dining area with a kitchen, a bathroom, master bedroom, children’s bedroom, and an entry hallway. It’s been finished mostly in white – white walls, storage cabinets, and curtains – with a bare concrete ceiling and a wood floor to bring some warmth to the home.

Apartment in Vilnius - Normundas Vilkas - Lithuania - Storage - Humble Homes

The living spaces have been defined by a series of partition walls. The cabinets have been used to both store items, as well hide certain elements – the TV and desktop computer can both be hidden by the folding and sliding doors of the wardrobe system, helping to keep the apartment free from visual clutter.

Apartment in Vilnius - Normundas Vilkas - Lithuania - Bedroom - Humble Homes

Large windows provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views of the urban setting. Furniture pieces, colorful fixtures and fittings, and plywood shelving have been used to avoid creating a sterile environment, although the sheer amount of white may still be too much for some.

Apartment in Vilnius - Normundas Vilkas - Lithuania - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Leonas Garbacauskas