This tiny apartment in Paris was recently given a makeover by designer Fabbricabois, who, unlike a lot of other designers, has created a loft that dominates the apartment.

Paris Apartment Redesign - Fabbricabois - Timber Loft 1 - Humble Homes

There are plenty of small and tiny Paris apartment renovations that feature high ceilings, allowing people to incorporate a lofted sleeping space. However, the loft is usually in the backdrop, and not such a prominent feature of the home.

Paris Apartment Redesign - Fabbricabois - Timber Loft 3 - Humble Homes

French designer Fabbricabois decided to make a statement when it came to the redesign of this apartment. It features an overhead loft that’s as much a sculpture as it is a functional space. The newly constructed loft stands out against the much older structure of the building, and almost resembles a bird’s nest with its erratic framing.

Paris Apartment Redesign - Fabbricabois - Timber Loft 2 - Humble Homes

Beneath the loft you’ll find a multi-functional living space that serves as a kitchen, dining room, living room and study. It appears that the room is lit by a single large window (which they’ve decided to drape a curtain halfway across — who knows why?) set under the loft, leaving it considerably darker than the living area.

Paris Apartment Redesign - Fabbricabois - Timber Loft 4 - Humble Homes

While the loft seems to be constructed from randomly placed bits of timber, the CAD drawing helps to show (prove?) that its construction was intentional.

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Photos: Fabbricabois