This tiny apartment can be found in the historical city of Bordeaux, France. Set in an old apartment block, the apartment features high ceilings and tall windows, coupled with a small footprint that lead to some inventive interior design.

The interior revamp was carried out by Elodie Gaschard and Michaël Martins Alfonso of Atelier Miel. Together they’ve produced a small home that makes great use of storage and flexibility in living spaces.


The client asked the designers to incorporate a number of spaces and rooms into their apartment. Given they only had 484 square feet (45 square meters) to work with, it involved some creative thinking. However, fundamental concerns were already addressed: its tall ceilings and windows helped bring in plenty of natural light, improving the sense of spaciousness.


To make best use of the space, they opted for custom-built furniture and storage pieces. The living room is kitted out with a funky storage/bookshelf system. The unit also accommodates a study desk that can be pulled out and rotated for use as a dining table. Below, there’s a series of pull-out compartments along the base providing yet more storage.


The kitchen seems to be a simple affair, with a cook-top, sink and (presumably) an under-counter refrigerator. The wall cabinets appear to float above the kitchen counter thanks to its concealed supports, which match the black counter-top. It also helps to maintain a degree of openness between the kitchen and the adjacent entrance hallway.


The hallway features another custom built-in unit. This time it’s a storage/staircase with plenty of pull-out drawers, cupboards and shelves. The apartment has two levels and the stairs lead up to the bedroom and bathroom, both of which are kitted out in a similar fashion to the kitchen, living room and study found below.


Smart design combined with good materials and workmanship make for a home that’s both space-efficient and cozy.

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Via TreeHugger
Photos: Atelier Miel