This tiny apartment of just 175 square feet (15 square meters) features some rather ingenious design ideas in order to make the most of the – limited – space available to it.

Micro-Apartment - Living Space with Hidden Kitchen - Humble Homes

The apartment is composed of two rooms: an open plan living, dining, kitchen and sleeping area, and a separate bathroom. The multi-functional living area makes use of a 3.2 foot (1 meter) tall addition that’s used for storage of belongings, as well as the kitchen.

Micro-Apartment - Hidden Kitchen Revealed - Humble Homes

The floor of the raised section can be lifted up to reveal a small kitchen sink, counter space, a cooktop and a variety of utensils. Further kitchen cabinets, drawers, and an oven are also incorporated into the unit. There is an issue with this set-up though, as pointed out by Lloyd Alter of TreeHugger; you would need to be finished cooking and cleaned up before trying to get to the dining area above.

Micro-Apartment - Underfloor storage - Humble Homes

More storage can be found at the foot of the bed, which contains a trap door in the floor revealing some much need clothing space. Lastly, the bathroom can be found at the end of the kitchen and it (presumably) contains a shower, sink and toilet based on its depth.

Micro-Apartment - Bathroom Entry - Humble Homes

This tiny apartment succeeds in creating a functional home on a tiny scale while also reducing visual clutter. Albeit, it’s probably geared towards the young with its sometimes awkward storage solutions.

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Via TreeHugger
Photos: Boiserie & C.