Steve Sauer is an airplane interiors engineer for Boeing, and he’s applied his love of precision and meticulous design to his own home in Seattle. Sauer lives in a basement of a 102-year-old apartment block, and his own condo occupies 182-square-feet.

The condo was Sauers pet project, and took him seven years to complete. The interior is inspired by boats as he attempts to make use of every available inch of space. The home features a combination of custom furniture pieces and off-the-shelf items from stores like IKEA.

Steve Sauer Tiny Condo in Seattle

The design is split into 3 levels that includes space for 2 beds, a fold-down table that can be used for work or dining, a kitchen, bathroom and a soaking tub under the entrance hallway. There’s also a small tv nook under a raised platform for relaxing. The condo features a black band around its perimeter; it’s actually black board paint, turning his walls into a drawing/writing surface.

Steve Sauer Tiny Condo in Seattle

Unlike quite a lot of modern tiny and small houses, there is no particular design aesthetic that the condo adheres to. It’s a carefully arranged space created from Sauer’s “tinkering” and, as he says himself, it’s an experiment into small scale living.

Steve Sauer Tiny Condo in Seattle

The collection of bought, found, and made elements leads to an interior that is perfectly formed to Steve’s needs. It fits around him, and his lifestyle like a glove. What’s not to love about that kind of design?

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Via Seattle Times & Apartment Therapy